TAIZHOU SANDE AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. to be known as “the East China Sea pearl” located at the scenery beauty name coast city - - Zhejiang Province Yuhuan County, the national famous steam Morocco fitting production base. Adjoins to harbors and so on Taizhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, is apart from the Hwangyen airport 50 minutes, the Wenzhou Airport 90 minute travel distances, the good communications. 
       This factory is located in the excellent surroundings under Yuhuan County in the Doumen County industrial park, organized in 1989, underwent many year development, the factory management and the technology is gradually mature. Already had the good production environment and the more perfect management mechanism. Main production automobile vehicle serial productses and so on bridge fitting, fastener, high strength bolt. 
This factory existing factory district area 3000 square meters, floor space 2420 square meters. The main production equipment includes: Measuring appliance lathe, conventional lathe, numerical control lathe, centerless grinder, punch press, universal milling machines, thread rolling machine, drilling machine and so on. The check-out facility includes: Luo river degree of hardness meter, salt mist testing aircraft, crack detection machine and so on many sets. 
         This factory management emphasizes humanist, introduces the high quality talented person; Pays great attention the human, machine, the material, French, link"s harmonious management. The product development, the production, the quality control use advanced methods and so on computer management, CAD design, SPC control, MSA analysis. Factory already through ISO9001:2000 quality control system &ISO/TS16949:2002 quality control system authentication, ,by enhanced the product unceasingly the quality and the scale, is the factory product has a stronger competitive power in the international market to provide the powerful technical guarantee. 
         We in line with “quality to fine, the service is most sincere” the objective, under factory manager"s leadership, welcome all quarters merchant to come my factory inspection, the discussion service zealously, we will repay you by the fine product and the outstanding service to our faith.

Address:Tianyou Town Road No. 13,Yuhuan County area sea port industrial,Zhejiang Tel:+86-576-87359866
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